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PAPER: The Better Mind of Space

Paper by Matthew L. Lohmeier, Major, USAF Wright Flyer Paper No. 79 28 September 2020 Air University Press Muir S. Fairchild Research Information Center Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama ...


STARRS interview with Matt Lohmeier

Matt was interviewed by Col. Ron Scott, PhD, USAF ret on the STARRS podcast, "The Intellectuals". Air Force Academy graduate and former US Space Force Lt Col Matthew Lohmeier was relieved of his sq ...


Dinesh D’Souza interviews Matt

Dinesh D'Souza interviewed Matthew Lohmeier, former Lt. Colonel of the U.S. Space Force, who reveals how senior military leaders introduced divisive woke politics into the ranks--and then turned aroun ...


Huckabee Show Interview

Matthew Lohmeier was on the Huckabee Show to discuss why he was relieved from the Space Force for criticizing Marxism. "We create an emotional, psychological, and spiritual vacuum that allows f ...


Saving Military Academies From Wokeness

Legal Insurrection Foundation  held an online event: “Saving the Military Service Academies from Wokeness” featuring Matt Lohmeier, author of the bestselling book, Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s G ...