Can the Military be saved from far-Left indoctrination?

LTC Matthew Lohmeier, USAFA graduate and author of a best-selling book about the infiltration of Marxist ideology into the US military, was interviewed by former Marine Corps University professor and White House advisor Dr. Sebastian Gorka on the America First with Sebastian Gorka show.

They discuss whether or not the U.S. military can be saved from the far-left indoctrination efforts of the Biden regime.

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How Cultural Marxism Threatens the United States and How Americans Can Fight It (Heritage Foundation)

Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military by Matthew Lohmeier


Sebastian Gorka

Look at what the Navy did recently, they have a drag queen quote, “artiste” put into a combat uniform. To do what? Recruit more drag queens. What does our enemy think about that? They’re laughing at us. Dear friends, it’s serious business. A man who knows just how badly the neo-Marxist rot has penetrated the armed forces is the man who calls himself the first veteran of the Space Force. And that’s not for a good reason. He is a patriot. His name is Matthew Lohmeier. Matthew, welcome back to America First.

Matthew Lohmeier

Happy to be back. Thanks.

Sebastian Gorka

Tell people who missed your story and haven’t read your book, why are you the first veteran of Space Force? How did that happen?

Matthew Lohmeier

I was one of the first sessions into the Space Force when it was first stood up. December 2019 is when the Space Force became a reality, thanks to President Trump and Pence championing the idea that had been a bipartisan idea for quite some time before they came into office. I end up transitioning out of the Air Force into that Space Force.

I had flown F-15s, I had done space-based missile warning for the Air Force, which was responsible for most of our national security space assets, and then transitioned into the Space Force and was placed in command of our nation’s space-based missile warning out in Colorado.

Unfortunately, the time I came into command– fortunately, I suppose, depending on how one looks at it — is that was a time in the summer of 2020 that we had just seen George Floyd’s death reported in the news, and you saw what was literally a neo-Marxist activism hit the streets in this country.

It looked to the American observer like Black Lives Matter, Antifa and others who seemed to be craving some kind of new purpose in their lives, smashing police cars, smashing the windows on buildings, and terrorizing the American people. Unfortunately, that impulse, which is really a spiritual impulse of sorts, was prolific.

All of a sudden, for the first time in my military career, throughout the Defense Department, you had activists high and low of various ranks, of various races, who seized the opportunity to join in their voices with the other activists, whether it be online or in the military workplace and politicize.

Sebastian Gorka

The political activism in uniform was rescinded in general, so Trump hats could be worn and people could talk about the Bible.

Matthew Lohmeier

Yeah, it is a good idea that our military remain relatively apolitical, at least in the workplace. Now senior leaders have a roughly speaking, political job. But no, absolutely, the obligation is to be rather apolitical.

And yet there was a left wing — and make no mistake about it, that’s precisely what it was — it was a radical left-wing politicization of the military workplace.

Now it’s turned into not just a politicization, but a sexualization of the military workplace. When we talk about hiring a drag queen to be the digital ambassador for the United States Navy, I mean, it’s really getting out of hand quickly. Despite the fact that both service members and the American people are waking up to this problem that we’re facing — not just in American society, but in the military.

Let me mention this one more thing. Here’s the unfortunate reality. It is deemed non-political to spout the left-wing talking points when wearing the uniform of your country. It’s like, well, that’s just “be accepting, be inclusive”.

But if you have someone that speaks up and identifies these talking points as a problem in the military workplace, they have a label slapped on them immediately. It’s, well, they’re politically partisan. They’re ‘alt-right’. They’re ‘white supremacist’.

I’ll tell you, it has really disincentivized our men and women in uniform from either continued service or young men and women who had aspirations to join the military from joining.

After all, people are really disappointed by what they’re seeing right now. So we have to fix this problem.

Sebastian Gorka

My wife and her former colleague at the Heritage Foundation, Mike Gonzalez, have written a piece. I commend it to all of you. It’s titled How Cultural Marxism Threatens the United States and How Americans Can Fight It. Katie and Mike came up with this concept of Next-Gen Marxist. This is a new kind of Marxism. It pits us against each other, not based on class and socioeconomic background, but gender, skin color, and what have you.

You wrote the book. It’s “Irresistible Revolution“. Everybody needs to read this. “Marxism’s Goal of Conquest and Unmaking of the American Military”.

You may have left Space Force, but you’re not giving up. So tell us a little bit, as much as you can about this new project that you have ventured upon.

Matthew Lohmeier

I have been, ever since I separated in the fall of 2021, tried to stay in touch with our service members of all branches of the military, first off, and I interact with them still. Some of them still reach out to me. As recently as this week, two new service members have reached out to me saying, hey, please help. I’m in a bind here because of the politics at my base. That’s been things like the COVID shot mandate, which is now gone fortunately, but also just the race talk and the sexualization of the workplace. So there’s that, and that has not stopped.

I’ve been speaking around the country, but there’s another project that I’m throwing my energy into at the moment. I think it’s going to be very impactful. It won’t be seen publicly by the American people probably in the next couple of months, but they will hear about it soon. I’m hoping to try and solve some of the problems as well as educate all American people, regardless of where they sit on the political spectrum, frankly, because everyone — Democrat, Republican and unaffiliated — need to be willing to learn about how this is affecting the military soldier.

So I’m working on a documentary film, and I’ve got an exceptionally talented documentary filmmaking crew.

Sebastian Gorka

So you have faith that this is salvageable, that the US military is salvageable?

Matthew Lohmeier

Yes. If certain things take place, we need people speaking up no matter what their sphere of influence is. But I don’t know that it’s possible with the current administration, quite frankly, because . . . . .

Sebastian Gorka

Their objective is the opposite.

Matthew Lohmeier

Their policy is the opposite. Senior military leaders, both civilian and uniform wearing, are able to point to the administration and lay blame upon the administration, whether they support the agenda or they don’t.

Sebastian Gorka

And your take when the most senior military individual in the United States says, “I don’t know what CRT is, but I think it’s great that West Point is teaching it,” or when Mark Milley says, “I’m white and I want to know what white rage is.” They’ve won. Haven’t the Marxists won?

Matthew Lohmeier

Well, they are winning when that happens.

Let me tell you what’s more concerning to me is that people who once had the respect of the entire force instantly lose credibility with men and women in uniform — instantly — and it’s hard to get back.

So you cannot be a political animal while you’re in uniform if you expect to maintain the trust and respect and loyalty of the entire force. And that’s precisely what they’re doing wrong at the moment.

Sebastian Gorka

All right. He’s a brave man. You’ve got to read the book. It is “Irresistible Revolution“. Follow him right now @MatthewLohmeier.

He has endeavored to bring us a new product. He can’t release all of the information right now, but he said to me outside, this is part and parcel of how we recover the US military.

Have faith, dear friends, even if you’re still in uniform. Why? We’ve been here before. Not this bad, but if you remember the Carter years, it was bad. It was drug use. It was all kinds of things inside the military. It was a loss of faith in the institutions. But thanks to Ronald Reagan, we recovered. We can do it again if we have the requisite leadership and truth tellers like Matt.

Matt Lohmeier is a 2006 graduate of the US Air Force Academy, flew  fighter jets and last served as a US Space Force Lt. Colonel in space-based missile warning. He’s now a consultant and public speaker warning America about Marxist ideology infecting the military. Matt is the author of the best-selling book “Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military.”

Matt also serves as the Executive Vice President of STARRS, an organization of US military veterans and citizens concerned about the divisive racist and radical CRT/DEI/Woke ideology and agenda infiltrating the military and seek to expose, stand up against, and eliminate it in order to keep our country safe.


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Matt Lohmeier is the Executive Vice President of STARRS: 

US military veterans and citizens concerned about the divisive racist and radical CRT/DEI/Woke ideology and agenda infiltrating the military and seek to expose, stand up against, and eliminate it in order to keep our country safe. STARRS.US

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