The Military’s Woke Agenda Is Terrifying

In this “Chicks on the Right” episode, The Chicks are joined by special guest Matt Lohmeier, a former lieutenant colonel commander in the Space Force.

Lohmeier shares his story of being released from command after speaking out against the politicization of the military.

He discusses the rise of Marxist critical race theory and the negative impact it has on military readiness.

Lohmeier explains how he was fired for writing a book that called for greater accountability and the elimination of partisanship in the military workplace.

Despite the challenges he faced, Lohmeier remains committed to speaking the truth and raising awareness about the dangers of wokeism in the military.


FLAT EARTH DEBATE: Jeran Campanella vs Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier

In this episode of “Prime Time with Alex Stein,” we have a debate for the ages: Is the Earth flat?

Famous flat-earther Jeran Campanella, aka @jeranism, returns to the show to defend his beliefs against former Space Force Commander Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier.

Will Jeran finally be convinced that the Earth is a globe? Or will this space commander shock the world and admit that the earth is flat?

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