Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier: Does US Have a Fighting Force?

Matthew Lohmeier was on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Judging Freedom show:

Some comments on video:

“I am a retired Marine; This man knows what he is talking about and is illuminating exactly what is wrong with the American military.”

“I have 3 nephews, all were / are Active Duty. 2 Navy,1 Army. My eldest nephew was a Navy Aviator. Flew the Growler, F-35s & was an Instructor. He flew some of the stunts in Tom Cruz’s last movie. He & my Army nephew have both quit the Military even though they planned on making it their Careers. Both said,” Can’t take the Woke Cr*p anymore.”

“Well, my son is in right now and he has eleven months left and he will be done! i did 21 in the military. i talk to him and some of the things he says he has had briefings on just leaves me with a WTF look on my face! i told him you do your time and get outta there before something happens and you get sucked into it! they do no real training! he has a rifle that they gave him and he has never got to go zero yet and its been nine months! its all about the higher ups at the expense of the lower enlisted! it is darn sickening to see the e-4 and below get thrown under the bus to make the higher ups look good for promotion! they dont get much ammo when they do train, he is a mortar man and his last time at the range they got maybe 20 rounds to train with but, you can bet ukraine got mortar rounds to fire! it sickens me! “when you elect clowns and they promote jesters, dont be surprised when your govt and your military turns into a circus!” our defeat on the battlefield is going to be catastropic and that defeat is fast approaching!”

“I hope his discharge can be reversed in the next administration. As to the issue of race in the military, his testimony is truly depressing. I was a young Naval officer 50 years ago as our country came out from the Vietnam War and a decade of race riots in the 60s. The Navy took on the issue of racial discrimination/tension head on. I was enlisted to teach a basic course in “Navy rights and responsibilities” probably written by one of the big consulting firms. The training was somewhat amusing but had two takeaways: 1) all members of the military will be treated with respect, regardless of race, or else, and 2) we are here for mission accomplishment, no other reason. Remarkably, this worked for the next 20 years until I retired in 1993. This progress has been destroyed by Austin and Co. I observe this with great sadness and some trepidation about the future.”

“It only takes a couple of minutes into that interview to realise this young guy must of excelled in all aspects of his career. Very analytical and insightful thinking you could he was still in first gear brushing the surface of his knowledge and experience. Definitely need to invite him back.”

“This is an exceptional young man. What is confounding is that the US Military would see fit to turn him out, thereby diluting the effectiveness of their force capability. I say this because it is doubtful the majority of todays military has Lt Col Matthew Lohmeier’s intelligence, integrity, loyalty, commitment of purpose, and I don’t doubt, ability to be lethal when necessary. This fine fellow is a welcome addition to the analysis team. I know his input will be valuable.”

“Listening to this Lt Col. made my blood boil and I’m a Brit! The US needs this kind of individual in charge of its military, not getting fired. Woke extremism could potentially be the death of us all. V sadly, it’s happening here too.”

How DEI Is Weakening The Military with Matthew Lohmeier (TFTC Podcast)

Marty sits down with Lt. Col Matthew Lohmeier to discuss how politics and DEl are dividing and weakening the US military, and how the silent majority can speak up and resist.

0:00 – Intro
6:45 – Politics dividing the military
15:57 – Military of the best
22:28 – DEI harms those it “protects”
27:00 – US weakening is rapid and likely intentional
40:15 – What’s making us stronger?
47:12 – First steps to mending
54:18 – Call to the silent majority
50:03 – Money and incentives
1:02:15 – Define your values