Former US Space Force Commander EXPOSES What’s Really Happening

Matt Lohmeier joined Jimmy Corsetti for a live session on Jimmy’s Bright Insight channel and talked about a lot of things: Matt’s story, the infiltration of Marxism in our country and military, UFO/UAP’s, and many other consequential topics:

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Excerpt from the interview:

“Communism predates Karl Marx. The Communist League asked Karl Marx if he would pen a declaration or a manifesto for them that would state articulately their views, and Marx published what is now known as the Communist Manifesto.

Marx wrote his young, bright ideas down about how he best thought it was possible to incite the working class in his day to a violent revolution against the bourgeoisie.

He divided up his narrative of human events into two groups: an oppressor class--this is all in part one of the Communist Manifesto–and an oppressed class that was respectively the bourgeoisie and the proletariat.

He gave the proletariat sufficient reason in the manifesto that they needed to unite as workers and if necessary, violently throw off their oppressor, the modern capitalist.

One of the things that I saw when I began to study Marxism, the ideology that was permeating all of the countries across the globe in the late 19th century and surely throughout all of the Cold War, was that there was an emphasis on pitting one class or group of people against each other for whatever reason.

In the mid the late 19th century, it is about economic class stratification. Later it was usurped and today it has been usurped to be about race relations and an oppressor class versus an oppressed group or class of people– the spirit of it all is the same.

But the narrative has been adapted to our modern circumstances in the United States because it’s the best narrative of human events that can be leveraged to create anger and hatred, sufficient to get people to unite together in violence against the other, the evil other. That is what I want to emphasize.

So as a starting point, I’ll say that is Marxist ideology or Marxist thought. The idea in the end is that it brings about a revolution that will allow for a communist state to be established. The first successful revolution, by the way, that led to a successful establishment of a communist state was the Bolshevik Revolution.”


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