Nellis AFB to hold drag show for all ages at base officers club

LTC Matthew Lohmeier, USAFA ’06, former Air Force and Space Force officer and author of the best-selling, Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military , called attention on Twitter to a drag show to be held at Nellis Air Force Base in June:

CRY FOR HELP: Our military families need and are asking for our help!

The @SecDef Lloyd Austin recently testified that “the DoD doesn’t support Drag shows on military bases.” But that’s not true.

For the third year in a row, Nellis AFB is hosting a drag show; it’s one of many bases now overtly sexualizing the workplace and complicit in introducing sexual predators to children.

Troops are reaching out asking for help to put an end to the madness.

The next show at Nellis is June 1st on base in the Officer’s Club (flyers below ) Notice there is “No minimum age requirement.”

If you’re stationed at Nellis AFB (military, contractor, or civilian), or any base where this is happening, let base leadership know this is unacceptable and offensive to you and your family, submit IG complaints now, investigate lawsuits, call your congressmen, and talk openly with the press.

One memo from the secretary of defense can end this for all US military bases. If he won’t (and he should but likely won’t), then our service chiefs can and should end it. Base leadership can end it.

Who has courage anymore among US military leaders? Step up and do what is right.

He later added:

Let me help the short-sighted “no-one-is-forcing-you-to-go-to-the-military-drag-show” crowd.

–The US military is an all-volunteer force; our recruitment efforts are spiraling down the drain at the moment, and this constant barrage of woke messaging is putting the nails in the coffin.

— Decent Americans don’t support and shouldn’t tolerate this garbage. Many men and women in uniform don’t support and won’t tolerate this; when DoD not only tolerates but celebrates it, good men and women leave the military.

— Optics matter a great deal on the global stage. Senior military leaders should know this. Perceptions and misperceptions about US military strength shape how countries act and react to one another. Do you think it’s coincidence that around the same time our military put our weak recruiting videos and ads, our adversaries put out strong recruitment ads? These kinds of things are woven into the fabric of states’ decision making. Our adversaries no longer respect our strength, and our Allies don’t take us seriously.

— These drag events and this entire perverse political and social agenda is a waste of taxpayer dollars (and you’re fooling yourself if you think that’s not part of the DoD budget).

Ignorance and liberty are not now and never have been compatible. Some of us are actually trying to solve problems. It’s an uphill battle when senior military leaders only act responsibly when forced by congress or fear of embarrassment to do so.

Ninety years ago, Douglas MacArthur said this about the proper way to produce morale for the military:

“The unfailing formula for production of morale is patriotism, self-respect, discipline, and self-confidence within a military unit, joined with fair treatment and merited appreciation from without. . . . It will quickly wither and die if soldiers come to believe themselves the victims of indifference or injustice on the part of their government, or of ignorance, personal ambition, or ineptitude on the part of their military leaders.”

This is still true today.