Space Force Commander speaks out after being ‘relieved of duty’

Matthew Lohmeier joins ‘Hannity’ to discuss critical race theory push inside the US military.

Some of the comments from the YouTube video:

This gentleman is the kind of public servants we desperately need. Thank you for your courage.

Smart guy. Losing people like him from serving the country is a major major loss. Thanks for speaking out.

It’s basically only people like Lohmeier who stand between us all and Hell.

Thank you for your service Sir. You did your troops proud.

You can see the integrity and courage in this man.

Lt. Colonel Lohmeier is a 21st century warrior battling the Neo-Marxist enemy within our military—> Give him 100% support.

Commander Lohmeier, you have my deepest respect. Thank you for your service to this nation at a critical moment.

Matthew Lohmeier is exactly the kind of person that makes our military the world’s best. Put him back in the space force with honors. We need leadership like Matthew.

What a courageous and honest man; a true leader. What has happened to him is a travesty of justice.

I am reminded of Court martial General Billy Mitchell who challenged the Defense force in the 1920s … he predicted pearl harbour and the likelihood of airforce becoming very relevant to modern warfare … they laughed him out and top brass shut him down …. Colonel Lohmeier is a patriot and he is so right …

Thank you Mathew for exposing what we thought was going on. A true patriot for the USA. Thank you for taking a stand for the America we love. God bless you and yours. This is what we need each American to do for our country. Thank you for your service. You will go far in this life.

I know Matt Lohmeier from my time at USAFA…He is one of the nicest and most genuine individuals I have ever met….I commend him on speaking up on what he has seen and what we are all seeing within every American institution…Matt is a man of great integrity that is rooted not only in his Military duty but also in his Moral and Religious convictions…Those human characteristics have become scarce in today’s America and with any luck “wokeness” will squash them out of existence one great person at a time.